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When a family discovers that they are raising a child with developmental delays, they typically go through a traumatic period of discovery that is rife with fragmented information, unanswered questions, a quest for the right service providers, and a financial burden that is beyond most families’ means.  By drawing on the experience of families that have already embarked on this difficult journey, and by leveraging basic technology, Developmental Connections seeks to accelerate and enhance a family’s ability to intervene on behalf of their developmentally delayed child.

The mission of Developmental Connections is to connect families dealing with developmental delays, and the providers of early childhood developmental services, so that affected children can receive needed interventions in an expeditious manner.   The services provided by Developmental Connections will include: (1) educational support for families regarding possible interventions, (2) the generation of scholarship dollars and programs to help families pay for the services required to support their affected child, and (3) the development and maintenance of a database populated with parent-recommended providers, affording families access to resource information in their “moment of need”.